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Radical Bow RTH
G5 Radical from Quest is the perfect package R6495.00
The newest bow from Quest is the Radical, and as the versatile 171/2- to 30-inch draw length, 291/4-inch axle-to-axle,15 to 70 pounds draw weight, and 3.25-pound mass weight might suggest, this is a bow aimed at the youthful or beginning bowhunter..
This quality Eklind Fold-up Hex key set is the industry standard, and manufacture using the highest quality Eklind Alloy Steel. It is hardened, tempered and finished to resist all rust. All Eklind keys meet or exceed ANSI B18.3 and Fed.Spec GGG-K-275D.
You no longer have to wait because the time has come, it’s here. The evolution of modern day hunting apparel has arrived…TREEZYN!
Over 30 years of study in environmental surroundings.
 Items included in the kit:
•12 oz Laundry Detergent
•Bar Soap
•2 oz Hand Sanitizer
•12 oz Evolve 3D+ Field Spray
•Pac-It Refill of Field Spray
•22 gm Wind Checker
•Fleece Skullcap
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Allen Keys
9 Key Eklind fold up set that has all the keys neccessary for your bow R99.00
Treezyn Camo
When it comes to form and function, you have it all in our TREEZYN Range of Camo.
Scent Prevent
The Grand Slam Kit is sure to make your hunt successful! R455.00
Coaching for kids
Learn to shoot like Robin Hood in a safe and controlled enviroment, assisted by professional and IFAA Certified International Coaches. Helps improve Concentration, Focus and Coordination in children. Build your child's confidence, Self Awareness and Discipline. This sport and activity for the whole family.
"Motivation will almost always beat mere talent"
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